Safe Handling of Oxygen

Medigas is committed to the safety of our clients, the public and the environment. Our primary objective is to heighten awareness regarding the potential hazards associated with oxygen use and smoking and identify the precautions that must be followed to create a safe environment.

Oxygen, handled properly and according to the doctor's prescription, is a safe and valuable drug. Oxygen is a non-flammable gas. It does not burn but it does support combustion. Any material that will burn in air will ignite more readily and burn rapidly in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere. All smoking material such as matches, lighters, lighter fluids, cigarettes, pipes, cigars or other forms of ignition should be removed from the room where oxygen is stored or in use.

Each of our oxygen clients receives a standardized oxygen set up package that contains valuable information about how to use and maintain the oxygen equipment, how to troubleshoot the equipment, our oxygen safety precautions, delivery service and after-hour service. This is reviewed by the Medigas team at the time oxygen is installed in the client's home and on follow up clinical visits.

Home Oxygen Problem Solving Guidance

Seek medical assistance if you experience symptoms such as unexplained increased respiratory rate, shortness of breath, sputum color change, fever or confusion/disorientation or as directed by your doctor.

Call Medigas if your oxygen equipment malfunctions or when oxygen replenishment is required.