Traveling with CPAP Therapy

Traveling with CPAP Therapy

Sweet Dreams Away from Home

CPAP therapy clients can have peace of mind knowing that, by planning ahead, the versatility of their CPAP products can allow them to travel comfortably and easily. Quality of sleep and quality of life should follow you through your travels and day-to-day endeavours. 

With over seventy locations in Canada, Medigas is well positioned to meet the unique needs of sleep therapy travelers. Call our national toll-free number and we'll answer your questions surrounding traveling with CPAP, including travel outside of Canada.

CPAP Travel Tips

  • Always empty your humidifier of water before packing your CPAP equipment in your carrying case.
  • Consider taking an extra mask and tubing in case of loss or damage to your mask and tubing during your travels.
  • Pack CPAP wipes and mask cleaners to continue to keep your CPAP mask fresh and clean.
  • Portable batteries and power accessories can allow you to continue your CPAP therapy during unexpected power outages, or during travel. The AirMini™ CPAP unit by ResMed is small, smart and portable. It's a great option for those on the go.
  • Research your destination to determine whether power adapters for plugs are required in order to operate North American electronics, including CPAP equipment.