Tips for Compliance

Tips for Compliance

Adjusting to CPAP

Compliance, as it relates to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), is the ability for a CPAP user to accept and tolerate treatment as well as routinely apply treatment during each sleep session. A sleep session may be a daytime nap or nighttime sleep. 

Many of these tips have been told to us by CPAP users:

  • Always keep a spare interface
  • Replace an interface when it shows signs of wear and tear, usually every 6-8 months
  • Take your CPAP with you when you'll be away from home overnight – even it's just one night
  • Use an alternate style of interface to give any skin abrasions a chance to heal
  • Use a mirror when applying the CPAP interface to ensure proper placement and adjustment of headgear
  • Use a tubing cozy to minimize the condensation in the tubing
  • Use manufacturer approved power accessories for travel (in-vehicle use, camping, etc.)

Who to contact for assistance

It's important to know when to contact your sleep disorders specialist and when to call Medigas. Typically, medical inquiries should be made to the sleep disorders specialist whereas inquiries involving the CPAP system should go to Medigas.

For example, if a CPAP user has experienced significant weight loss or gain and the CPAP prescription no longer feels beneficial or if there is sinus or ear pain when using CPAP, the sleep specialist should be contacted. Examples of when to contact Medigas include correcting interface difficulties, requests for interface and accessory replacements, and equipment troubleshooting solutions.