COVID-19 Sleep FAQs

COVID-19 Sleep FAQs

COVID-19 Sleep FAQs

1.    Are Medigas stores open?

The majority of Medigas stores are open. We suggest you call 1-866-446-6302 before travelling to your local Medigas store to ensure your store is open.

Several safety measures will be in place to help protect our customers and employees such as screening, social distancing, hand sanitization and limiting the number of customers in a store at one time. Curbside service will continue to be extended to customers who do not wish to enter a store.

2.    Is Medigas selling CPAP in the stores?   

Yes, with a valid CPAP prescription, Medigas will arrange for initiation of CPAP therapy with your choice of virtual, curbside/remote, or in-store appointment.

3.    Will I have to wear a mask during an in-store CPAP setup?
Medigas will provide you with a surgical mask to wear during your set up.  Our staff will practice PPE and will be wearing a surgical mask, face shield and gloves.  

4.    If I don’t want to come to a Medigas store, how will I get CPAP supplies?  

Shop online at Medigas Express  or call 1-877-350–9816 to have the supplies shipped directly to  your home.

5.    What if I need help with my CPAP equipment during this phase of COVID-19?  

Call 1-866-446-6302 to speak with a Medigas healthcare professional who will assist you with equipment instructions, techniques that will help you adjust to therapy, troubleshoot a technical issue and review equipment cleaning techniques.

6.    Should I continue to use my CPAP during this phase of COVID-19?

You are encouraged to continue using your CPAP as your physician has prescribed. It is very important that you are cleaning your equipment as shown in the manufacturer’s product instructions. If you screen positive for COVID-19, it is suggested you sleep in a separate room without a cold air return, with the door closed and window open slightly. Discard and replace your mask, tubing, humidifier chamber and filter once your COVID-19 illness has resolved.

7.    Is Medigas doing Home Sleep Testing (Level III sleep screening)?

Yes, Level III sleep screening services have resumed.

8.    Will Medigas be able to provide non-invasive ventilation?

Medigas will provide non-invasive ventilators as inventories permit.