COVID-19 LHIN Medical Equipment FAQs

COVID-19 LHIN Medical equipment faqs

COVID-19 LHIN Medical Equipment FAQs

1.  If  I or a household member has screened positive for COVID-19, will I still get home delivery of my medical equipment?

Yes, you will receive your medical equipment delivery. Medigas employees have been trained in proper infection control procedures and will use the necessary personal protective equipment to make a safe delivery to your home.

2.    A Medigas representative called to tell me about my delivery (or pickup) of medical equipment. Is it safe to let him/her into my house?

Yes, it is safe. When a Medigas representative calls to arrange the delivery (or pickup) of your medical equipment, he/she will ask you a series of questions regarding COVID-19. Your responses will help him/her choose the best Personal Protective Equipment (eye protection/ surgical mask/ gown/ gloves) to wear before he/she enters your home.

3.    I no longer need my Medigas medical equipment. May I drop it off at a Medigas depot or store?

Medigas suggests you call 1-855-350-4381 to request a pickup however select Medigas locations will accept the return of certain used medical equipment items. Call 1-866-446-6302 to identify if your local Medigas store can receive your returned items and then follow the procedure as outlined on the store’s Curbside Service front door sign.